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For both young people and adults who struggle with reading, literature is becoming obscure. Artists for Literacy is helping teachers and tutors motivate their students to read by using songs, music videos and art inspired by literature.

It's working.

Please help us keep our students inspired and educated. Your generous gifts help to expand our resources.
Here are some suggested amounts. Thanks so much.

$500 - Nobel
$250 - Pulitzer
$100 -Laureate
$50 - Professor

Above, you can donate in US dollars through Network for Good. 
Below, you are now able to donate in Bitcoins, which convert to dollars and go directly to our account.

Either way, your donations are so appreciated. Thank you for your support of Artists for Literacy.

Your donations can also be mailed.
Please make checks out to 'Artists for Literacy'. Your gift is tax-deductable.

Artists for Literacy
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If you have any questions, feel free to call our director at 415.307.3181.

Thank you very much!