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Mobilizing Artists. Empowering Teachers. Inspiring Students.

Sometimes it's not about inventing something new. It's about discovering what's been here all along. In 2000, the celebration of songs inspired by literature was not an organized phenomena. No one had yet leveraged the power of these songs for the common, directed purpose of promoting reading. 

Now, we have literacy programs, universities, and high school students connected to books through the songs and art that books inspire. 

Artists for Literacy was born from a fascination of how one form of art can spark the creation of another. Today, we thrive as an organization committed to bridging the gap between books and those who have difficulty reading them. We know that songs, visual art and movies don't replace the reading of literature, but for the 45 million adults in the country that read below a 4th grade level, an introduction to literature through other forms of art is an effective way to inspire and educate.

Thank you for your interest and support of our programs.

Please explore our latest media literacy project - Get Smart Radio.

We're working on a new Art Challenge. Explore to learn about new opportunities for you.

This interview below with AFL's Founder, Deborah Pardes , best encapsulates the Songs Inspired By Literature Project (SIBL) that launched our organization. Jim Flemming did a great job getting to the heart of the project - both speaking of its artfulness and its purpose. Take a listen!